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The #hermitmagicchallenge is on!

Brian White has officially won the #hermitmagicchallenge from the Free Pilot Issue of The Hermit Magazine!

Brian White - The Hermit Magazine Elephant visiting the Old Carlsberg Brewery in Zealand, Copenhagen, Vesterbro, Denmark

With his entry, Brian submitted this lovely email, which I am happy to share with you to show what a great guy he is:

"This is my little submission of your elephant in Denmark.

My name is Brian White and I live in Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa,

I don't hope to be included in your magazine, but just thought you might like to know that I've just turned 80 (born October 1941) and have been an ardent amateur magician since I was a teenager. Now I spend most of my time entertaining the grandkids who still love good old fashioned magic that Oupa Brian can perform.

I Have over 500 magic effects carefully categorized and indexed with even the original instructions from the various magic suppliers. I have of course developed some of my own, some modified to work better, and some that fit more into the South African environment than the usual American Murphy's effects which don't always translate well.

Please keep up the magazine and let's show the magic world that it's not always about money and the big boys.

Nam Ipsa Potestas Est.

Brian White."

Congratulations Brian!

Your next challenge is detailed in the first official issue of The Hermit Magazine, but anyone can enter!

All you have to do is to amaze me with your telekinetic powers.

Film a short video of no longer than twenty seconds that proves to me that you have telekinetic powers. You may not use any purchased magic tricks in your video to accomplish your telekinesis- no dealer items allowed! This means no magical devices of any kind as well- no invisible thread, no reels, no nothing!

Most unique object that you use your powers on wins!

You have until January 25th to upload and tag your video online (on Twitter or Instagram) with the hashtag

The winner will receive a prize, including a personalized digital artwork inspired by their submission! You will also have your video linked to in The Hermit Magazine.

Your time starts now!


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