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Never miss an issue!

Subscribers save up to 20% off the single issue price when purchasing an Annual Subscription.

Note that your subscription will start with the current month's issue. Back issues will always be available to purchase on our Issues page. Ensure that you enter your delivery email correctly during checkout, in order to guarantee seamless delivery of your future issues.

American magicians: An annual subscription is roughly $69 USD, and a six-month subscription is currently about $39 USD.

Sample Order Summary

The first issue of your subscription will be sent with your order confirmation email under "order summary", as a downloadable link (see the image for clarity.)

On a monthly billing plan, your first issue will be sent to your email inbox within 24 hours of the time of your subscription.

Subscriptions are manually tracked, so if you want to resubscribe you can do it at any time!

Simply purchase a new subscription and the length of the term will be added on to the end

of your current subscription. This way, you're never being double-charged for an issue!

If you don't know how long you're subscribed until, send an email

to in order to ask for that information.

You will receive an email from me the month that your subscription runs out, as a gentle nudge that

it's time to resubscribe, if you are interested.

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