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Two books. One year of magic.

Hardcover open flat_edited.jpg
The hardcover collection of The Hermit Magazine, Volume One. Two hardcover books of The Hermit.

You've read it online.
Now put it on your shelf.

This two-book set contains every issue of volume one of The Hermit, as well as a few pages of bonus content that includes magic new to the magazine, and further explorations of the tricks that have already been in print!

Each 8.5"x11" book is over three hundred pages in length, in all their black and white glory.

Open Hardcover 1-6_edited.jpg

Choose between hardcover or paperback.

I'm not sure how many contemporary magic books are printed with a choice of covers, but this is one of them! Hardcover is the choice of most collectors, while magazines are traditionally perfect-bound or paperback. It was a tough decision that I didn't want to make when I was getting them printed. So I didn't.

The hardcovers sold out first, but I promise that both options are great—you can't make a wrong choice here. Why not get a set that can bend?

The bound collection of The Hermit Magazine Vol. 1
Open Hardcover 7-12 b_edited.jpg

Paperbacks are shipping right now. Hardcovers will ship once again during the first week of February.

A stack of hardcover books of The Hermit Magazine.

Which will you go for, hardcover or paperback? You've got some time to think about it! Pre-orders opened on December 26th and books have been made available on a first come, first served basis.

To match the high demand, I have immediately ordered another run to be printed—but by ordering sooner rather than later, you ensure that you won't have to wait even longer.

Naturally, Kickstarter backers who supported The Hermit last year with the printed collection add-on will be the first to receive their books (which have already been shipped). Subscribers to The Hermit have been sent a discount code over email, to save on their copies.

Open Hardcover 7-12 a_edited.jpg
An illustration of a man shuffling cards.

Containing 70+ magic routines and sleights from 35 contributors.

These books are beautifully illustrated in black and white, if I do say so myself. With over four hundred illustrations spanning these six hundred pages, the bound collections are a feast for the eyes at every turn of the page. And that doesn't include the monthly covers that were introduced with Vol. 1, No. 4!

2 Hardcovers_edited.jpg

Order now and be one of the first
to open up this new book set!

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