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Vol. 2 Collection – Hardcover
  • Vol. 2 Collection – Hardcover

    The Hermit Magazine is pleased to offer the printed book set of Volume Two!

    Containing every issue of the second year of The Hermit Magazine, along with a bonus routine and additional ideas that have not yet been published for some of the routines already shared, this set is comprised of TWO 8.5"x11" HARDCOVER BOOKS, EACH OVER 300 PAGES long and weighing in at a whopping 2kg! The magic comes from The Hermit's many new and returning contributors (from 2023) and is accompanied by hundreds of photos and illustrations drawn by Scott Baird.



    "It's a great, new magazine full of clever magic… in the style of the great, old magazines that were full of clever magic. Just when you think that those good old days are over... !" - Jim Steinmeyer

    "Reading and learning magic from a broad number of underground technicians and performers is entertaining. It's a simple pleasure in life that The Hermit delivers every month." - Lee Asher

    "The Hermit brings back the sensation of receiving a monthly meeting of magical minds in the mail and excitedly tearing open the envelope." - David Regal

    “Some folks, rightly so, revel in the legacies of old magic journals such as Jinx, Pabular, Pentagram, Gen,… They are great, but at one time, these classics were young unproven journals. I think Hermit will eventually enter that eclectic class of publications if Scott keeps up the level of excellence he has achieved and maintained so far. But what is even more exciting, you can be among the early readers and one day you can tell the young guns that you read that journal when it was originally published. It is not an opportunity that comes along very often. If you haven't given Hermit a look I suggest you do. I think you will like what you find…" - Chris Wasshuber


    Why are the books this price? Please understand that the material has been offered for CAD$10/issue (about $8 USD each month), and it wouldn't be fair to subscribers to now release it for much less.

    On Shipping—There will be a small shipping fee of C$5 for North American orders and C$10 for international orders. This is to cover just a small portion of the shipping costs, since they are quite heavy books!


    Any other questions not answered on the website can be sent via email to and I will do my best to answer them.
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