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The Hermit Magic Magazine

Independent magic magazines have long been the best-kept secret of professional magicians as the source and inspiration of their quality magic effects. The Hermit respects and acknowledges the amazing legacy that has been left for future generations by the writers, editors, publishers, and contributors of past magazines. The Hermit has also stolen parts of their visual aesthetic.

The Logos of the Greatest Magic Magazines ever

The Hermit is a magic magazine, and the content is written with a magic-capable patron in mind. To get the most out of the magic routines and effects in the magazine, a fundamental working knowledge of sleight of hand techniques is recommended. At the very least, you should know what a double lift is, and that palming a coin is possible.
Many of the techniques and routines discussed may seem too advanced for some readers; however, The Hermit does his best to offer alternative methods, when practical. Otherwise, a source will be given to enable the reader to research the technique further.

Who should read

The Hermit's VALUES

The Hermit believes that good magic should be affordable and available to every magician with the desire to perform, no matter their economic situation. This means I will never put profit above quality or accessibility.

I think that magic should be written down. In an age where digital video magic has a shelf life that can be measured in minutes, the written word has power and longevity.

This is why I will be offering a printed annual collection of this magazine every year. Since I have gained so much from the collected volumes of past-era magazines, it is my dream to offer that same experience to future magicians in the years that follow. To ensure the material remains alive and current, there will always be an updated catalogue of every issue available digitally on this website. This isn't a "get it now before it's gone" deal.

The Hermit wishes more magicians would support and share the work of their peers. This magazine is a platform where I will be sharing the work of other magicians, both known in the magic community and unknown. The Hermit is a chance for someone who's created a really great trick, or who has a unique point of view and has written it down, to have the spotlight- regardless of their "status" as a magic creator. If that's you, visit the "submit" section.

Ultimately, I am putting together a magazine that I myself would want to read, and can be proud of. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy it!

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My name is Scott Baird, and I'm a Canadian magician, illustrator, and writer. At 37 years old,
I have many varied interests that have led to some unique experiences, including a brief stint with the military, working as a professional Chef, and getting behind the counter at the local magic shop. In 2007, I won the Close-up contest at the PCAM convention in Calgary. I'm also an artist with a degree in fine art, and have shown my artwork in galleries and shows around the world. I love watching British comedy panel and game shows, reading magic books (and other books), learning new skills (during lockdown I taught myself to bake and studied graphic design), and testing my limits with endurance sports.

What you'll find inside

  • Learn new magic routines, usually including a full presentation, and always with accompanying credits.

  • Every effect is professionally illustrated for clarity (and because traditional magic illustrations are gorgeous).

  • Articles and essays on topics of interest for magicians, including:

    • Art and Design as they relate to magic

    • Creative prompts and puzzles

    • Methods for keeping organized

    • Personal and professional development

    • and more!

  • Reviews of previously published magic books that highlight the gems that you may have missed- because we don't only learn from recent releases.

  • Contests and calls for participation from the magic community, engaging the reader with fun and creative tasks.

Pie Graph of Content that you can expect to find in The Hermit Magazine
Typical page spreads from The Hermit Magazine
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Magic is a solitary practice. Sure, it's performance-based, which means going into the world, meeting people, and astonishing them. But the majority of the vocation of magic is spent in practice and study, alone (unless you're a duo like Penn & Teller). Magicians are hermits, whether they're the wise sage alone on a mountain top, a back-woods outcast, or just working hard in their studies, mastering their craft.

I'm a hermit. I tend to keep to myself, and I haven't really been involved in the magic community at large. This has lead me to develop my own viewpoints about the community, magic as an industry, and the study of magic. I have to force myself to get my work out there, and this magazine is one way that I do that.

The raven logo is from the many traditions of the raven as a "trickster" in various Western Canadian and North American mythologies. It's also my mother's favourite bird. The lantern is inspired by the hermit card in the Tarot.



Submissions can include your original magic effects, an article or comment on anything magic relevant, a poem, a drawing... or anything else that The Hermit needs to see! Submit your message and The Hermit may be in touch about your contribution.

All trick submissions to THE HERMIT are carefully curated for quality, and researched when necessary for crediting purposes. You will be contacted if your effect is selected for publication, and further arrangements will be made as necessary.

Thank you for submitting!
The Hermit as Uncle Sam for The Hermit Magic Magazine
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