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The Hermit believes in deceiving
audiences, not customers.

If, for any reason, you have a question that is not answered by the following FAQs, please email me at
I typically respond within 24 hours.

Where is my issue?

If you are a subscriber, your issues will be sent to your email inbox to the email address that you provide upon checkout. If for any reason you need to change this, please feel free to email me.

If your issue did not arrive on the first of the month, please double check that it did not go to your spam folder first. This is often the case. If you set "" as a trusted source or a contact, this is less likely to occur. If the issue isn't in your spam folder, please get in touch!

When you purchase a single issue or a subscription, you will receive an "Order Summary" email, detailing the transaction and providing a download link. Future issues will be emailed on the first of the month to subscribers.

order summary.png

When you place an order, whether it's for a subscription or a single issue, you will find the download link to your first issue in the Order Confirmation email, under "order summary".

Can I submit to the magazine? How much do you pay writers or creators?

The Hermit is constantly in the process of sourcing the best magical effects and talent possible to include in the magazine, and would love to help you get your idea published. If you have a great new trick, presentation, or you just want to write an article, simply navigate to our submit page and introduce yourself!

As a new venture, The Hermit doesn't pay for content, aside from gifting contributors with a free subscription to the magazine. This practice of generously submitting original creations and thoughts to periodicals for the posterity is sadly a dying trend, as it's so easy now to release simple tricks as products on any number of platforms. If you're after cash, you can turn to those- but if you want your name to be recorded beside your great ideas for future generations of magicians to learn from, please consider submitting to The Hermit.

Do you ship to my area?

Currently, The Hermit is an online magazine. So, I suppose the answer is yes- so long as your email inbox isn't over its storage limit, and you type it in correctly! If you ordered a book from me, shipping information will be available on the product page.

Is this magazine really all just by you?

I write, illustrate, edit, and do the layout for The Hermit, as well as all of the work with marketing, social media, and maintaining this website. It's a lot of work that repeats itself each month, but I love to do it. I feel blessed to be able to give something back to magic.

That said, no magic magazine is a solo venture. You have to recognize all of the genius magicians whose work laid the foundation for all that we do in magic. And the current contributors, who are generous enough to allow me to publish their ideas. Without them, this magazine would be more like a blog. And without subscribers, it would be a diary.

But if you think you can help out in some way, don't hesitate to get in touch and offer your services!

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