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The November #hermitmagichallenge

Can't read the image? Here's the details:


is related, but different.

Respond to the image below. Your response could be a caption, or be simply defacing it, or altering it, or printing it out and posting it in an alley, or contextually re-framing it, or juxtaposing it with something else, or recreating it, or collaging it, or writing about it, or distributing it in a new way, or sharing it out of context, or critiquing it, or responding to it musically, or responding poetically, or filming a performance where it's used in a magical way.

Or anything else. Fill in his sign. Stick him in a landscape. Make him say something witty. Spraypaint him on a wall.

Just respond to the image in some way. You can interpret this however you like.


You have one month to write, draw, alter, destroy, record, create, perform, post, and in some way submit your response. Use the hashtag #hermitmagicchallenge when posting your response on social media; otherwise, send an email to and attach your creative response there. When emailing, use the subject line "Challenge."

Your time starts now!


Oh, yeah—I almost forgot. Just one more small challenge detail.

The chosen winner of the contest this month will be contacted, and arrangements will be made to mail a FREE book set of the hardbound collection of The Hermit Magazine, Vol. 2 (release date and pre-order information still to come) to the magician and address of their choice.

That's a C$120 value!

Don't delay—respond today!


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