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The #hermitmagicchallenge gets literary

The Hermit Magic Challenge set in the February issue of The Hermit is, unsurprisingly, a bit of a challenge...

Since it's February, and the month of romance and all that, we're doing poetry!

Your task is to find the hidden poem in the poem that follows, and then to email me at with a poetic response to the hidden poem, in the same format!

Maybe all great illusionists can perform easy routines;

For only renowned magicians and noted conjurors entertain.

One needs experience less egotistical smugness,

Should one neatly test our marrow.

Are known executants

Insanely talented, gracious ravens, even astonishing tricksters?

Is the secret not only the approach, but our unusual temperaments,


Obnoxiously unique?

That's it! Find the secret poem here, and then write your own poem that responds to the hidden poem in some way.

Most poetic response wins! You have until February 25th to send in your poems, and your time starts now!


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