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The Hermit Magazine is live!

Happy New Year!

The Hermit Magazine is happy to announce that we are live, and our first issue has been shipped to all of our subscribers! If you aren't a subscriber, but would like to read it, you can purchase a single issue for just CAD $10 by clicking HERE, or subscribe today HERE.

In the January Issue:

Vol. 1, No. 1 of The Hermit is a continuation of the free pilot that was offered before Christmas Day. It builds on the routines that were explained by offering presentation ideas to RUBIK'S NAP, a Rubik's cube solution that uses an ordinary cube. The first issue also explains ARMY REENLISTED, which is a re-working of David Solomon's ARMY CARD TRICK from The Wisdom of Solomon.

Also Included

You will also read:

  1. SWATCH, by Chris Mayhew- a new handling for the torn corner receipt switch.

  2. A logo redesign for a prestigious magic organization, as a demonstration of the creative design process.

  3. FLY FLY AWAY, by Scott Baird- a literal take on the visual coins across.

  4. The presentation for DO AS I DO is turned around and made into a theatrical piece.

  5. Gwyn Auger shares some basics of social media and marketing for magicians.

  6. In this month's Sankey Says, the power of persistence is discussed.

And more!


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