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The Disclaimer and The Hermit Magazine

The Hermit Magazine and The Disclaimer* have collaborated to bring a massive treat to all of our readers!

Every purchase of The Hermit Magazine's June issue (Vol. 1 No. 6) will contain a free issue of The Disclaimer! Subscribers will of course receive this deal as part of their subscription, but all single-issue purchases will include this gift as well.

Supporters of The Disclaimer** will also receive the June issue of The Hermit Magazine free with their issue of The Disclaimer, which will be available to download on June 15th as usual.

If you like hard-hitting magic tricks in PDF form, you're getting a great deal here! Why not support the two best independent online magic magazines out there? If you like what you read in these issues, please consider supporting or subscribing to us both!

*You can find The Disclaimer at or by clicking HERE.

**The Disclaimer is a collaborative effort between magicians Jeremiah Zuo, Tom Dobrowolski, Curtis Kam, and others.


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