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A bottle of Strong Cider and twenty Regals...

I love when comedians "do magic", and Joe Wilkinson's attempt at comedy magic in the video below is an excellent segment of TV comedy that completely suits his brand of weirdness.

Does it matter that the magic isn't incredibly strong, when we're entertained like this?

I could definitely watch a full magic show presented by Joe's offbeat character "Alfonzo."

This clip is from a British game show called "8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown", which is a letters-and-numbers quiz show that has been running for many years. Hosted by Jimmy Carr and starring "team captains" Jon Richardson and Sean Lock, a pair of new celebrity contestants each week have to solve anagrams and math problems under the pressure of a thirty second clock. A spinoff of the longer-running "Countdown", this version of the show focuses more on comedy than the puzzles, making it a great show for puzzle-minded magicians to binge on YouTube.

Joe Wilkinson is an English comedian, actor and screenwriter. He began his comedy career in 2004 and has supported Alan Carr and Russell Howard on tour. He has also made numerous appearances on television programmes such as Live at the Apollo and Live at the Electric and has been touring solo since 2011. He began appearing on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown in 2012, initially as Rachel Riley's assistant. He has since gone on to become a frequent panellist or guest team captain.


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