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The Hermit Reviewed- MAGIE Magazine

The Hermit has been reviewed in MAGIE magazine, the biggest monthly publication published by the German Magic Ring (Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland). A rough translation is below, along with a snapshot of the review in print. Check it out!

The Hermit (Online Magazine) Scott Baird Price: approx. 7.50 EUR per issue, available at

With all his might (and a lot of money) Mark Zuckerberg is pushing the fusion of the virtual world (metaverse) with reality. I shudder to think what's coming and what it will mean for the shape of magic performances in the future. How refreshing that people like Scott Baird have the courage to go in exactly the other direction. With "The Hermit", an online magazine, he traces the spirit of legendary magazine series like "Apocalypse", "Jinx" and "Hierophant". I.e., teaching magic tricks in black-and-white, detailed trick descriptions with high-quality drawings instead of photos, and treatises of various aspects of magic; no video links, no QR codes, and no advertising. That he hit a nerve with this was confirmed by enough backers to make his Kickstarter campaign a reality. Since January 2022, there has been a monthly issue. The choice of topics is deliberately kept open. The first two editions are about magic with cards, coins and the Rubik's Cube, among other things. Scott Baird writes as editor himself and enjoys the support of Harapan Ong, Chris Mayhew, John Carey, Jay Sankey, Rick Holcombe, among others. He will be joined shortly by Joshua Jay. Fellow magicians who would like to contribute valuable high-level material are welcome to express their interest via a form on the website Positive: Varied, well written, looking back to the future. Negative: Effects do not reveal themselves until reading. A brief description beforehand would be desirable.

Total: 86%


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