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Are we in Control of our Decisions?

In this short TED talk, behavioural economist Dan Ariely explains some of his experiments and research that points to the fact that we are all at the mercy of evolutionary forces, pressures, and external influences when making our own paralyzing choices.

Watch the video below to view Mr. Ariely's TED talk from 2008. By and large, human beings like to consider themselves rational people, capable of making the correct choice when confronted with difficult decisions. And as magicians, we try to give the appearance of free choice, while actually limiting or controlling our audience in some way to an outcome that we have chosen. There must be a way to take research like this and put it in practice to bolster our magic routines. Often, magicians don't give laypeople enough credit- but are we actually giving them too much?

Even if you don't see the magical connection, this video will hopefully lead you to question some of the decisions that you have made, and make you more aware of your own irrational behaviour.


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