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AI Generated Images

There's something currently popular on the internet that could be of interest to magicians, and that's AI-generated imagery. Simply type in a few keywords, and an AI program spits out relevant images that it's created from your input, like magic!

How could you use this in an effect? A drawing duplication where you predict what an AI generator will produce?

Check out the results that I got from THIS ONLINE GENERATOR and try it out yourself! (One can also get multiple images at once with the generator available HERE).

First Input: "The hermit magic"

Second Input: "The hermit magic" run through a surrealism filter.

Third Input: "hermit magic card" based on the previous image and run through a different filter.

Final Input: "The hermit magic" run through a cubism filter.

As a fun and quick experiment, here's what I got when I input some magic-relevant keywords, to varying degrees of success:

"Dai Vernon Triumph"

"Harry Lorayne Memory Book"

"The Magic Cafe"

"Out of This World"

"Metamorphosis Illusion"


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