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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 3, No.1
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 3, No.1

    The Hermit, Vol. 3 No. 1, January 2024 (46 pgs.)


    Patrik Kuffs presents some Billiard Mastery in Two Acts

    Boyet Vargas shares his mentalism routine, Person of Interest

    Landon Stark explains a tea time trick with Mentalitea

    Werner Miller returns with the Three of Diamonds Trick

    Joe Rindfleisch shares his Computerized Deck 2.0

    Andy Choy and Yathunandh teach their Corsican Closer

    CJ snaps your portrait in Copper Silver Camera

    Claudio Imperiale gets Two Birds [with] One Stone

    Adam Socha has a Threesome In The Box

    and John Carey goes Topsy Turvy Carey


    The Hermit's 25th issue was sent to all subscribers on January 16th, 2024.

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