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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 2, No.9
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 2, No.9

    Volume 2, No. 9: SEP 2023, 51 pgs.


    The latest issue of The Hermit Magazine has an eclectic range of effects, creative thinking, and inspiration.




    Box Bits by Joe Cole

    One Four All by Michael Kras

    Worker's Cheek to Cheek by Kyle Leon

    Flurry by Michael Rubinstein

    Joker Transpo by Patrik Kuffs

    The Final Destination by Boyet Vargas

    Cubicle Coincidence by Joe Rindfleisch

    Challenge Accepted by Chiam Yu Sheng

    Six Card Cheat by Scott Baird

    Dale's Last Card Trick by Dale Moore

    Slam Change by Biz

    Sankey Says by Jay Sankey


    The Hermit's 21st issue was sent to all subscribers late on October 1st, 2023. Because of this, it is offered free for the first week of October (1-7th) to everyone.

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