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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 2, No.4
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 2, No.4

    Volume 2, No. 4: April 2023, 50 pgs.


    The latest issue of The Hermit Magazine is a unique blend of magic and creativity from a broad range of contributors.



    CKR / Boyet Vargas

    A simple and easy to do mental effect where a thought-of object is divined. Can be performed over the phone or on Zoom, as well as in person! A variation by Scott is provided as well.


    Ten-Star Prediction / Kyle Leon

    Cleverness abounds once more as Kyle teaches a version of the Koran Miracle Prediction that allows you to display the prediction before the cards even come out of the box.


    Kings & Aces / Scott Baird

    This is my variation of Jerry Sadowitz's routine from Cards On The Table. Aces transpose despite being trapped between kings, and despite half of them being in the center of the deck the whole time!


    Ambitious Aces / Mystic Slybaba

    A smooth and deceptive sequence for your handling pleasure of Dr. Daley's Last Trick. Not just your standard double lifts.


    Open Ticket Express / James Mollenkamp

    An open travellers routine performed with coins, after a Geoff Latta routine.


    Techni-Lean Travellers / Scott Baird

    A variation of my own Lean Travellers routine, with the added wrinkle that the four of a kind used have a different coloured back design than the rest of the deck.


    Cut It Out Stack / Adam Hudson

    A three-phase routine using a stacked deck from the mind of British radio mentalist and magician Adam Hudson.


    52 to 1 / Brandon Sheffield

    A sudden, surprising unequal transposition between a selected card and the deck in your hands.



    Empathy Will Save Your Ass / Jay Sankey

    Leave Your Dove Pan At Home / Caroline Ravn


    The Hermit's sixteenth issue shipped to all subscribers on April 2, 2023.

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