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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 2, No.11
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 2, No.11

    Volume 2, No. 11: NOV 2023, 54 pgs.


    The latest issue of The Hermit Magazine has an eclectic range of effects, including a deep dive into Triumph routines and a small curated pair of tricks that I'm calling "Things that Fly". 




    Slop Shuffle TriumphKyle Leon

    Anti-TriumphScott Baird

    Peeked Key Triumph ControlScott Baird

    FUJ-ed TriumphScott Baird

    Triumph's WorldChiam Yu Sheng

    A.K.A. TriumphJohn Carey

    Trium-FannedBrandon Sheffield

    Corsican MonteAndy Choy

    Sankey SaysJay Sankey

    A Dedication to Michael VincentJames Mollenkamp

    KufflydiniPatrik Kuffs

    4FlyJim Turnpaugh

    Double Undercut ReversalBiz




    The Hermit's 23rd issue was sent to all subscribers on November 6th, 2023.

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