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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.9
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.9

    Vol. 1 No. 9 of The Hermit Magazine is a new issue that features:


    Gareth, who shares "Close-up Comfort in Harry's High Herb". This title will make more sense when you read the credits to the effect. It's a very fair and entertaining routine based on an old "spectators cut the aces" effect... Gareth's take on it changes this core premise, so that it becomes a "spectators..." ...well, don't let me spoil it for you!


    Scott Baird teaches "Bigger Deal". This is my ongoing attempt at creating a full-deck "story" effect (think "Sam The Bellhop") that suits my performance style. It's a four-phase routine that is a display of skill, followed by the world's most unusual poker deal, resulting in a bridge hand and a perfect Blackjack; then one of the poker hands changes to a royal flush, and at the end of it all there's a game of "Go Fish".


    Greg Boggs returns to the pages of The Hermit to state his case for the continued performance of "The Vanishing Bandana". Scott also shares his thoughts on this classic, examining its components and what makes it so great for kids shows. A myriad of ideas for plots, scripts, and presentations are offered for presenting this type of routine in a close-up, walk-around performing scenario.


    Michael Boden wants to play a quick game of "Which Hand is IT?" Any small object is placed in your spectator's closed fist. It's normally a fifty-fifty guess, but Michael guesses correctly 100% of the time! No magnets, no electronics, no equivoque or wordplay, and no body language is used. His method is quite unique and ingenious, and I had to have it to publish in The Hermit!


    The Hermit is pleased to share Chiam Yu Sheng's "Triumph's Return". This take on the classic card routine ends with the cards all facing the same way, AND the deck is organized for a kicker that your lay audiences won't see coming. It's also a Triumph routine that uses two selections from two spectators! 


    Adam Socha's effect "Double Libido" is a quick but deceptive four-ace routine involving some personal information from your spectator. The spectator adds their parent's years of birth together, to come up with a unique four-digit number. Four packets of cards are dealt, to correspond with this number. When the spectator snaps their fingers, they will see that at the bottom of each packet there is an ace! However, when the magician snaps his fingers and the spectator turns over the top card of each packet, the number that the spectator has created appears!


    As if that wasn't enough, Scott Baird shares "One Way, All The Way", a simple bit of business with a one-way forcing deck that is LITERALLY a one-way forcing deck.


    And, as always, Sankey Says returns with Jay Sankey! 


    Our ninth issue shipped to all subscribers on September 1st, 2022.

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