The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.7

Vol. 1 No. 7 of The Hermit Magazine is a new summer issue that features:

  • CAANADA by Scott Baird- a card at any number; alternate deck approach.
  • Changes in the Box by Luka Kratsashvili- 3 different visual colour changes of a card in the card box.
  • Cryptic by Kyle Leon- a DaVinci code-inspired revelation of a named card.
  • Card Battle Royale by Fritz Alkemade- an unusual magician vs. gambler routine.
  • The Floating Bag (a.k.a. The Facebook Trick) by Patrik Kuffs- produce a brick from a bag that looks like it's floating on Facebook!
  • Another Nice Oil and Water by Rudy Tinoco- dare I say an improved handling of a Richard Vollmer oil and water routine from Apocalypse magazine.


And don't forget to read Sankey Says!


Our seventh issue shipped to all subscribers on July 1st, 2022.

The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.7

  • 47 pg. PDF download