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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.6
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.6

    Vol. 1 No. 6 of The Hermit Magazine is a huge new special issue that features:

    - Scott Baird explains his "On Waving Tides" routine, a "new" take on the classic effect from Apocalypse by Harry Lorayne and Ken Krenzel. A signed card from a blue deck of cards instantly and mysteriously travels to the center of a red deck of cards.

    - Giacomo Bertini returns to The Hermit, with the finale to his three-coin routine explained in detail. The routine concludes with a three-coin vanish sequence, followed by a simultaneous reappearance in the spectator's own hands!

    - Rick Holcombe teaches "Quantum Conundrum", a streamlined and efficient handling for Jack Carpenter's neo-classic routine, "Quantum Theory".

    - Dr. Michael Rubinstein is a living legend in the world of coin magic. He generously shares his "Two Coin Turnover" and "Two Coin Turnover Variation," marking the first time these sleights have been shared in print.

    - Ryan Pilling makes his Hermit Magazine debut with "The Turing Test", which is a clever presentation of "Bi-Kolor Kut" by Stewart and Guest, a stunt from the 1930s. Ryan has added a second phase to the routine that will fool you!

    - Finally, John Carey presents his "Teleport: a card to envelope", combining the "card to envelope" plot with a "signed card across"; and "Sankey Says" returns again with Jay Sankey, this time discussing "Why you should forget about believing in yourself".

    - We read the winning entries to last month's #hermitmagicchallenge, and a new one is set.

    And, as an added bonus this month, you will receive a full issue of The Disclaimer, an independent magic magazine from Curtis Kam, Jeremiah Zuo, Tom Dobrowolski, and others! Readers of The Disclaimer will also receive this copy of The Hermit in turn. Get two magazines for the price of one!


    Our sixth issue shipped to all subscribers on May 31st, 2022.

    • File Format

      50 pg. PDF download + (Bonus 30pg. Disclaimer)

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