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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.5
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.5

    Vol. 1 No. 5 of The Hermit Magazine is an exciting new issue that features:

    - Kyle Leon explains his "Ultimate Brainwave" deck, a new take on the classic effect where any card named is shown to be the only unique card in the deck. His routine is able to be fully in the performer's hands, and it solves one of the problems that the standard Brainwave deck can sometimes encounter.

    - Giacomo Bertini returns to The Hermit, with the first part of his three-coin routine explained in detail, utilizing the building blocks introduced in our previous issue. The routine will conclude in the June issue!

    - Scott Baird teaches "The Gambler, the Magician, and the Psychic", a three-card mental selection routine based on Simon Aronson's "Two Minds and a Mate" and Pit Hartling's "Triathlon". Three selections are made- two are peeked at, and one isn't looked at by anybody. All three are divined, despite the deck being shuffled throughout the routine!

    - Mystic Slybaba introduces "Tossed Across", which takes a common coin gaff handled in a unique way to effect a transportation that can be injected into your coins across routine, and which may spark some creativity.

    - Speaking of coins, Bill Citino shares his complete "Coins to Purse" routine, which is a beautifully choreographed sequence with three coins and a purse. You will want to read this with coins in hand!

    - Patrik Kuffs makes his Hermit Magazine debut with "P.Q.I.", which is a clever stand-up presentation of the old mathematical trick known as "Jackpot Coins", also referred to as The Trick that Fooled Einstein.

    - Finally, Alvaro Berbel presents an essay on "The Management of Added Information", and "Sankey Says" returns again with Jay Sankey, this time discussing "The Secret to Sharing your Humour" as well as trusting yourself, and trying new things.

    - A dreamy new #hermitmagicchallenge is set.

    And more!


    Our fifth issue shipped to all subscribers on May 1st, 2022.

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      52 pg. PDF download.

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