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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.4
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.4

    Vol. 1 No. 4 of The Hermit Magazine is an exciting new issue that features:

    - Casual Cassandra, a previously unpublished piece from Joshua Jay that combines the story of a Greek myth and sleight of hand card magic. This routine follows the logic of Guy Hollingworth's plot, The Cassandra Quandary.

    - The first element of Giacomo Bertini's new coin routine is explained- and the first part is a coin production that pops into view, instantly. The next three issues will feature new ideas from his original coin magic system, ending in a complete walkaround routine. 

    - Scott Baird describes Four Card Symphony, a method for divining the cut-to and remembered cards from four spectators in an increasingly magical way. Based completely on Simon Aronson's Four Part Harmony (from The Aronson Approach), this version does NOT require any memorized deck work.

    - Also taught by Scott Baird is Scott and Soda. This is his pet routine; an international three coins across effect that uses a gimmick you probably already have, but under-use. The middle phase is near-perfect.

    - Triple Prediction by John Carey is presented in this issue as a quick and simple prediction routine of three cards cut to freely by the spectator. The selections have been predicted far in advance! 

    - "Sankey Says" returns again as a regular feature delving into the mind of Jay Sankey.

    - Misdirection in the sporting world is given a glance. 

    - an artistic new #hermitmagicchallenge is introduced.

    And more!


    Our fourth issue shipped to all subscribers on April 1st, 2022.

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      48 pg. PDF download.

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