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The Hermit focuses
on engagement,
creativity, and inspiration.

A digital magazine for
the creative magician.


"February" 2024—Vol. 3, No. 2

In this issue: Vol. 3, No. 2 "February" 2024

(52 pgs.)


Millard Longman shares Bitcoins from Cyberspace

Patrik Kuffs teaches his routine, 2Kuda

Adam Socha shares a method for Cards At Any Number

Kyle Leon teaches his Clean Cut Aces

Paul Hallas has a Three-Person Quickie

Steven Palmer takes A Subtle Breather

Dale Moore says What the Actual Freak

Landon Stark shows how to make a Face Change Gimmick

and Biz teaches the Metro Control

Plus, Scott Baird shares some low-tech ideas for building a Lottery Simulator and other Mad Libs-based predictions over Zoom!

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That's another year in the books.

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Harapan Ong
Michael Kras
Michael Rubinstein
Curtis Kam
Chiam Yu Sheng
Jay Sankey
Paul Gordon
Rudy Tinoco
Corey Harris
Luka Kratsashvili
Alvaro Perez Berbel
Michael Pilkey
Bill Citino
Claudio Imperiale
Chris Bruce
Jack Tighe
Liam Montier
Tobias Hudson
Joe Rindfleisch
Dan Waterman
Werner Miller
Joshua Jay
Chris Mayhew
Giacomo Bertini
Lee Asher
Rico Weeland
Caroline Ravn
Michael Boden
Ryan Pilling
Steven Palmer
Brandon Sheffield
Mystic Slybaba
Greg Boggs
Jason Connolly
Michael Breggar
Adam Hudson
Iain Moran
John Bannon
Tomás Giammarco
Jim Turnpaugh
Dale Moore
Eric Stevens
Michał Kociołek
John Carey
Ryan Schlutz
Kyle Leon
Rick Holcombe
Patrik Kuffs
Adam Socha
Alexandre Moreaux
Boyet Vargas
Fritz Alkemade
Gwyn Auger
Joe Cole
James Mollenkamp
Glenn West
Jozsef Kovacs
Cameron Francis
Andy Choy
Bertie Mac
Albert Chou
Magic by CJ
Landon Stark
Hermit Crab Halftone shell and queen of spades


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