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Vol. 2, No. 1


The first issue of 2023 features:



Tap-a-Stack / Scott Baird

Based on Paul Cummins' Tap a Lack, this routine uses no clocking and is easy to do!

Synergic / Michał Kociołek

The spectator finds your card, and vice versa. Based on Michael Vincent's routine, Kismet.

Playing with Cheese / Chiam Yu Sheng

An impromptu variation of Luke Dancy's Royale with Cheese.

Coin Thru Table / Glenn West

An impromptu handling for putting a normal, signed coin visually through a glass table.

Handkuffs / Patrik Kuffs

A handcuff escape method that can be done with literally ANY handcuffs!

Empowered / John Carey

The spectator guesses your card, and you find theirs. Miracles come in twos!


A Tool for Scripting / James Mollenkamp

Subconscious Training / Mystic Slybaba

Stop trying to please other people / Jay Sankey

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That's one year in the books.

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The Hermit is now

You can access information about the printed collections of volume one of The Hermit on the Collections page, including how to place your order, by clicking the button below!

The Twelve-Card Problem by Scott Baird

This Ebook contains my solutions to Michal Kociołek's Twelve-Card Problem, posed at the end of the explanation of his routine 3H in his Ebook More Plots and Methods.

With multiple handling variations and presentational choices on offer, this PDF dives deep into the plot. Within the reach of the average card magician and the sub-par mentalist, you will want to spend some time learning these routines! Routines range from impromptu to stacked in nature, though the majority of the effects can be done with a borrowed deck of cards and no preparation.


SERIATE TWELVE - An impromptu three-selection mindreading effect.

SERIATE IN SYNC - A variation of Seriate Twelve, giving the spectators more freedom of choice.

SERIATE SIMPLIFIED - A handling variation of Seriate Twelve, simplifying the shuffle and the final sequence.

SERIATE STACK - A unique handling of Seriate Twelve that sacrifices a completely free choice in favour of an improved query phase.

SERIATE 52 - A full deck approach to Seriate Stack.

SERIATE IN MIND - A three-card revelation with no clocking!

FOUR CARD SYMPHONY - A four-spectator card revelation based on Simon Aronson’s Four Part Harmony.

INDEXED POSSIBILITIES - One card (or more) is remembered from a fan of twelve, and divined despite the spectator shuffling and cutting the deck themselves.

3 HOURS OR LESS - The Three Hours, turned inside out and upside down. Uses twelve cards.

STEBBINS TWELVE - Seriate Twelve, but the performer never needs to see the face of a single card, and yet names all three selected cards.


I've received a few queries now about whether or not I will be offering any Hermit-branded merch or swag. I hadn't planned on it, but I listened to your requests and created a page on TeePublic⁠—so if you want to look through some of the designs, and maybe buy a gift for yourself or a Hermit supporter, feel free! There's t-shirts, mugs, tote bags... that sort of tat.

CLICK HERE to visit the shop.


Note that your order will be fulfilled by TeePublic, and The Hermit cannot be held responsible for late or lost shipments.

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Harapan Ong
Jeff Kowalk
Michael Rubinstein
Curtis Kam
Chiam Yu Sheng
Jay Sankey
Rudy Tinoco
Luka Kratsashvili
Alvaro Berbel
Michael Pilkey
Bill Citino
Claudio Imperiale
Chris Bruce
Joshua Jay
Chris Mayhew
Giacomo Bertini
Rico Weeland
Caroline Ravn
Michael Boden
Ryan Pilling
Mystic Slybaba
Greg Boggs
Scott Baird
Michael Breggar
Adam Hudson
Michał Kociołek
John Carey
Kyle Leon
Rick Holcombe
Patrik Kuffs
Adam Socha
Alexandre Moreaux
Boyet Vargas
Fritz Alkemade
Gwyn Auger
James Mollenkamp
Glenn West
Hermit Crab Halftone shell and queen of spades


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