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The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.12
  • The Hermit Magazine - Vol. 1, No.12

    Vol. 1 No. 12 of The Hermit Magazine is the last issue of Volume 1. It features:



    - Spot-On / Kyle Leon
    This is essentially a masterclass on how to use a one-way forcing deck. The prediction routine includes all of the nuances and subtleties that Kyle has come up with to convince everyone that the deck in play is completely legitimate.

    - Remote Viewing / Boyet Vargas
    Boyet Vargas is a mentalist from the Philippines. In this two-phase mind reading routine, the spectators draw simple drawings on four business cards. They shuffle up the cards, creating a random order of images. The magician or mentalist uses his skill at "remote viewing" to determine the order of the cards while blindfolded, turned around, in another room, or over a video call!

    - Free Cut, Spell, and Swinford / Rudy Tinoco
    This is a combination of two ideas- Ramon Rioboo's "Free Cut, Spell, and Reinhard" from Second Thoughts, and Nicolas Pierri's "Do you Believe in Coincidence?"
    Three spectators shuffle packets and remember a card in their packet. These are gathered. The magician uses his sense of smell and touch to find the first two selections, and then these are shuffled into the deck at a point specified by the final spectator. They end up trapping the final selection.

    - Elbow, Neck, and Foot / Scott Baird
    Daryl's Elbow, Knee, and Neck is taken for a spin. Three coins are produced, vanish, and reappear from three different parts of your body. In the the second variation taught, three coins are produced and instantly they all vanish, and your hands are completely clean.

    - Dual Snap Change / Chiam Yu Sheng
    The Goldin-style Snap Change is used to change two cards at the same time.

    - Objectivity / John Carey
    Another mentalism piece with business cards that you can carry in your wallet. A spectator follows a simple procedure to narrow nine business cards with objects written on them down to just a final three. These are placed, sight unseen, into the spectator's pockets. One by one, it is revealed that the objects that are written on the cards in each of the spectators pockets match the objects that are actually in the magician's same pockets!

    - They Change Colour / Scott Baird
    A card box and every card EXCEPT the selected card change colour in this quick little interlude. The trick description references some of my previous work, in The Hermit vol.1 no.6



    - The Drawing Challenge - winner revealed and potential covers are discussed.

    - #hermitmagicchallenge

    - How are you Limiting Yourself? / Jay Sankey, "Sankey Says"


    Our twelfth issue shipped to all subscribers on December 1st, 2022.

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